Lucy Liu: ‘Fitness fuels my 14-hour workday’

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Published on October 13th, 2016 | by Administrator

Actress Lucy Liu credits cycling class with helping her conquer a demanding daily schedule.
The 47-year-old is often up at the crack of dawn getting in some exercise before work starts on her hit U.S. TV drama Elementary.
“I get up early, around 6am,” Lucy tells E! Online. “I’ll get up, take the dog out and workout. I have an hour and a half before I even get to the gym, then an hour at the gym and then I’m off to work. Typically my workday is 14 hours long, so by the time I come back home, I’m dead.
“I am obsessed with SoulCycle right now. It energises me and helps wake me up in the morning. With all of the lines that I have to memorise, it sort of activates my brain. Obviously, it’s not easy to get up, but it’s fun to be in a group of people. We all kind of suffer together (during exercise class).”
Liu’s strenuous schedule has become even more demanding now that she’s a mum to 13-month-old son Rockwell. However, the positive Kill Bill star is convinced her organic-driven diet also contributes to the amount of physical strength and stamina she needs to power through the day.
“Aside from exercising, these days I’m eating really organic,” she explains. “I’ll even pass on something if I don’t think it’s organic. I’m doing that more now because I have a one-year-old son and it’s important for me to feed him things that are fresh. For him, who’s growing and developing, it’s going to make a big difference. For me, when I don’t eat organic, I just feel tired.”


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